Ephesians 4:26 “In your anger do not sin”:

Do not let the sun go down

while you are still angry

Do you remember when you were a kid and someone gave you a balloon? The first thing you couldn’t wait to do was let it go and watch it fly to an unknown place in the sky. You let go of that string with little to no hesitation at all. If only letting go of  the hurtful things in life were that easy.

Some of us have a harder time letting go of things that have happened to us, or things people have done to us. We may hold on to that resentment, that anger, that grudge; the horrible experience. There are so many things we hold on to and don’t let go. What good comes from holding on to painful things from our past? Not much….

I have had some pretty terrible experiences in my life, most which I am NOT proud of, but if I woke up every day and thought about those things I would be setting myself up for failure. I would be a miserable person. If I counted and held on to all the hurtful things people did to me I would be a very sad person. Life isn’t perfect ... neither are we. 

We have to understand that we cannot control others' actions. We can’t control many of the bad events that happen in our life. What we can do is learn from them and let them go. For some of us, it is in our nature to try to force things to work, when it is probably best they don’t. Some things are better left untouched. If they've been touched, release them.. 

Life is full of ups and downs, and some of those downs are very painful. It could be the end of a friendship, loss of a loved one, a financially hard time, the list can go on. Those experiences can hurt. But those hard mountains are meant to be climbed not to be carried. On our climb up the mountain, we learn about ourselves, about others, and lessons along the way. Yet, many never reach the top of the mountain to victory, because they begin to carry the mountain.. They create a nice comfortable place for the hurt and anger to make its home. When those emotions get nice and settled in, they begin to affect actions in our daily lives, by reflecting their personal hurt onto others.  

I used to be very hurt when someone would do something rude to me. “How could they even do something like that,” I would say to myself. But you know what? I was a miserable and insecure person when I thought like that. One day, I woke up and changed my thought process. I said, “ I release all anger, and hurt I have.” I cannot set expectations for the way I think a person should act. Everyone reacts and acts differently in stages in their life. I learned that bad things are going to happen, I cannot prevent or control every event in my life. I learned that I don’t have to let go of the memory but I do have to let go of the pain associated with it. I promise you won’t get far in life by hating someone forever or what they did to you. Chances are that person doesn’t even care how they hurt you and they are living freely while you are miserable. So just let go.

All the bad things that happened to me, (some which were self -inflicted, some of which were not,) were holding me back form my full potential.  For a long time I was upset I had never met my father. I was filled with anger, and it began to affect my relationships, even with friends. I was scared of abandonment. Had I held on, I don’t know if I would be married and have a beautiful son.  I am not saying you will be living in a fantasy land as soon as you let go, it’s a progressional transformation. You have to control your thoughts and learn to release all negativity.  Do you really want to miss out on the opportunities you’ll make in the future because you were too busy holding on to the past? 

It might hurt to let go, but holding on will only hurt you and others more. God didn’t die on the cross for you to carry the burdens of life and to carry the pain caused by others, He gave you a life to learn and to enjoy. You let God take care of the judgement. God is good. He sees your pain. If you ask, He will help you overcome it. Because, let’s be honest, some things are just too big to get over or let go of by ourselves.

Life is short, we all know that, but sometimes we tend to forget. Incredible change happens in life when you decide to take control of what you have power over instead of craving control over what you do not. Let go of negative emotions and just like the balloon flies freely in the sky, let your negative emotions do the same. Let them go.