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Michelle Martin

Isaiah 64:8 Yet you, LORD, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand

Yes please, please this, please that- please is a word most of us have been taught all our lives as part of our manners.

But please can take on another form and that’s when we try to please people.

Sure pleasing people comes naturally when it comes to all aspect of our lives. We have to please our bosses, we try to please our kids (although it seems impossible at times) and we try to please society by following the so-called social norm. But when does pleasing become a problem?

Pleasing other people maybe something we do naturally and don’t even realize it- we’ve been doing it so long we don’t see when it becomes a problem.

I used to be a habitual people pleaser. I would dress the way I thought others wanted me to- I would talk a certain way- and act the way I thought others expected me too! I soon found I was living my life for others and not for myself.

God gave you a life and only one. God also made you in his own unique way. Everyone is different and that’s what’s so great. Every single person brings something to the table.

Life is too short- and in this hectic world we are living in with so many uncertainties what better time than now to be yourself! Enjoy the days, the minutes, the hours. Love the ones that are dear to your heart.

God Bless,
Michelle Martin

 His purpose is more important than our plans.

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